What is the importance of Lilia application?

Many researchers and scientists believe that the world after the Covid-19 involved two very big challenge will be .
1- Economic Challenge
2- Political Challenge
As you know, Covid- 19 dealt a very fatal blow to businesses large and small .

Currently, the virus Covid-19 governments , companies and communities has forced up its capacity to deal with an increase of economic isolation so that they can adapt to the new conditions apply.

Now with the closure of factories and production in regions affected by the virus, leading to a serious shortage of inventory and goods and manufacturers and in retail been filled and the result could many of these rings communication Break. One of these manufacturing industries that was severely damaged during the Corona was the global flower trading industry . This led to the bankruptcy of many flower growers and sellers and a significant reduction in flower and plant production .

Falling trade worldwide flower with a loss of 8.5 billion dollars in less than a year after the outbreak Covid-19

The application Lilia , five major objectives and critical follows :

1. The support from the producers of flowers and learn and work related to the crisis Corona and post-Corona

2. Reduce waste and the waste harmful Flowers ( protection of environment friendly, because the waste flowers are the size of waste industrial dangerous and a threat to the future of the environment )

3. The recycling and the use of waste and waste mud

4. Create a space for exchange of opinion and share investment ideas of users and engage business owners in the world

5. Creating creative home-based businesses (in this area around the world)

Combining mobile technology and the power of the participatory economy and the local community, Lilia startup aims to tackle the epidemic of flower waste and reduce the destructive effects of the corona virus on the global flower industry.

How does Lilia app work?

This app is a smart platform to connect a flower producer or seller to customers directly all over the world.This in itself will be a great advantage to reduce the price of flowers and plants. Even in this program, expired flowers and plants are sold at very low prices and are prevented from turning into hazardous and polluting waste. Burning mud waste and waste disposal problems are very common and lead to surface and groundwater pollution .

for example:
Over eight million tonnes of flowers are discarded in the river every year for religious purposes in South Asia.
This is contributing to the pollution of the River Ganges, which provides drinking water for over 420 million people.

Withered flowers can be used to produce compost, bio-fuels, bio-gas, handmade paper, etc. In addition, the use of flower waste after the absorption of biological focus is to help you treat wastewater and effluent from other industries.

Moreover, this flower waste can also be used for making incense sticks besides using them for some art and craft techniques. There is need to utilize these flowers for preparation of various Eco friendly products.

These measures can be implemented using simple and inexpensive methods, even at home, using various technologies . This waste can be turned into wealth instead of burial . Anyone anywhere in the world can easily use the waste that is sold at very low prices in the Lilia app and start their own business .

In part of this application, space is created for users to interact with each other . Users, consisting of producers, sellers and consumers, discuss the various uses of these expired flowers and plants, and thus help the business .

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