Preparing the prototype of Lilia application

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In line with our previous post about the coronavirus damage to flower and plant businesses around the world, today we want to introduce the prototype of the Lilia app, which is a platform for connecting manufacturers and customers around the world.

The following images are the first images of the space inside the application:

We are a new young team of elites from prestigious universities in the world who we want to repair this damaged chain in a smart way.

The only solution to this problem is to create a Special platform for connecting the manufacturer or seller to potential customers and directly around the world.

By designing a mobile application equipped with blockchain technology (to identify users and also intelligently plan production processes to send to the customer) to solve this problem so that manufacturers can easily access their service applicants around the world and Or customers can access their suppliers and products without any intermediaries.

Wherever you are in any city or country, you can sell your flowers products in our application at a acceptale price, and send them all over Europe or even the world. Do not even throw away Your Withered Flowers and sell them at a Cheaper.

Or if you don’t find your Favorite flowers your local vendors, you can order it from your neighboring cities with us this application and get it with your desired conditions. Flowers can be given to this way also has some benefits for Because of giving gifts and creating a sense of pleasure in them so that they can also benefit from buying them.

With this idea, both sellers and consumers make a profit. Also prevented to plants throwing away.

The main goals of Lilia application are :

  • Supporting flower growers and related businesses from the Corona virus and Post- Corona virus crisis
  • Reduction of waste and harmful mud residues (environmental protection, because mud wastes are as dangerous as industrial waste and a threat that is for the future of the environment)
  • Recycling and using functional to wasted flowers
  • Create a space for users to exchange and share ideas (around the world)
  • Make a creative home- based businesses

With this application, we can prevent flowers death all over the world forever and over come to Covid 19 destructive effects on jobs .plants can not stopped budding.

Flower buds could wake a smile on faces . Anything these days is dying any person needs The good feeling more than .

Also, due to the elimination of intermediaries, the supply price of these products will go down and will be attractive to customers.

We have even thought about some people who want to send flowers, we concerned about possible contract and offer some ideas. We Solve their problems.

give roses to lover

Another advantage is that we can to create an atmosphere for exchange of ideas and users in the field of waste flowers, livelihoods and businesses to help them. The production of organic liquid fertilizers or dried flowers is possible with simple and accessible methods or even with complex methods and with the help of technology.

So the waste of flowers can be turned into wealth, and we can use the corona threat as an opportunity to create useful jobs and high-income businesses.

By sharing your ideas and see other ideas for a future with less pollution , to unite , in Lilia applications.Let’s learn a little more about flower and plant waste;

So, anyone can be a savior of the world by reducing flower waste and using it optimally. Tell me, in Lilia, what can be done using flower waste ?

Order and payment in Lilia:

We will also support Visa Card, MasterCard and PayPal payment methods as well as Bitcoin. So that you can pay in any way you want and trust. Identify common as a digital identity, Blockchain bed connected by smart deals with the Ryvm will be done. Of course, this will take some time . But we have laid the foundations for this technology, and users will soon be able to operate their digital signature at Lilymarket.

Distinctive features of products that help you choose the desired product are:

  • Type of flower
  • Color
  • Size or dimensions
  • Number of branches
  • Decorate the branches
  • Flower freshness / Remaining time of flower useful life
  • Country and city
  • shipping/feight cost
  • Price
  • Supported payment method
  • User satisfaction in previous purchases
  • User comments on previous purchases
  • Package type
  • And ….

And finally, a health protocol to prevent the corona virus or any other virus supplied by participants will be stringent.

What do we need money for?

We are currently planning and coordinating with manufacturers and suppliers in several countries and they are ready to join our smart grid.

Application infrastructure and logistics have also improved by up to 80%.

Currently, the prototype of our application is ready and we are doing the initial tests. About 50,000 euros have been spent on these items.

We continue to work , 28000 We need the euro , which will be used as follows:

  1. Complete application design and development: 12000 Euro
  2. Development of infrastructure and servers required: 1000 Euros
  3. Advertising in cyberspace and the web: 10,000 euros
  4. Web platform development : 5000 Euro

Our motto:

Corona kills people and flowers but people can save themselves but flowers can not!

at the end, please support us:

Our Bitcoin Wallet add. : 1BGzmANjuWrPPVHsgsM8PNWoiNtFqD8nx1

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Hej ,Corona har skapat speciella förutsättningar för människor över hela världen. Jag är säker på att den ekonomiska situationen kommer att förbättras.Hoppas på dagar utan sjukdom🙏🌹.

Hi guys, all of us have hard situation especiall customers, I know that. But we find and make a way to help them. We are beside of eachother in these days and over come of Covid19. Just be hopeful .take care of yourself 😊

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