1.2 million roses thrown away every day in Russia

Corona virus hit rose growers in Russia as well with the demand declining steeply which forces the growers to discard their products. Due to the quarantine instituted nationwide in the country, the growers are afraid that this situation will continue for a while.

The florists are shut down as a part of the quarantine and some try to keep some cash flowing into the store through online sales. However, with the lack of enough storage space for the products across the nation, the growers are throwing away 1.2 million roses every day according to the Russian Greenhouse Association. Some growers are only working at 10% capacity now and are fearful that they would soon be forced to dump all of the products in their stocks.

Russian growers grow around 300 million stems of roses annually and so far almost 10 to 12% of this volume has been discarded as waste within one month.

Source: Sozcu

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