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Due to the outbreak of Corona virus and in less than 1 year, the flower industry in the world lost about $ 8.5 billion !!!

As you know, due to the outbreak of coronavirus in the world, many small and large businesses have suffered very serious damage, one of which is the producers of home and apartment flowers. Every day, millions of flower branches are destroyed in many countries that produce these products due to reduced customer buying rates. Millions of flower buds are grown daily in only the top 10 producing countries in the area, many of which are not purchased due to the corona virus.

we are dealing with perishable products that should be on the shelves of supermarkets as soon as possible. This requires smart perishable logistics and at the same time free movement of goods from one border to the other,” the executive director elaborated.

According to official reports, the Netherlands, the world’s largest producer of branched flowers, saw a drop of more than 70% in the branch flower trade, and the Dutch government was forced to turn it into garbage to prevent the spread of the corona!.

As much as 1.3 billion tons of food products are discarded per year over the globe, but in terms of waste rates, flower loss is now greater than food loss (A very deadly blow to the environment And waters contaminated by flowers waste).

Also The crisis take place precisely in the spring 2021 and 2022, when, naturally, the production of flowers and plants reaches its peak, and needs treatments to develop.

Lilia is a new approach to the flower industry, for the problems of flowers that would disappear without being loved by human.

((Flower waste plays a very important role in surface and groundwater pollution)).

Every day, 25,000 people die from drinking polluted water in the world!!!

At LiliaMarket, we encourage not only customers but everyone in general to learn more about water pollution and its effects. We care about our environment and want to preserve, protect and improve it for years to come.

With help we can achieve our goal of reducing flower waste and managing greenhouse waste and storage. If the project is successful, we will provide users with free seeds or seedlings for planting at home or in nature for any cooperation.

We are playing life and death with extreme environmental events. The epidemic reminded us that if we do not improve our behavior and lifestyle, we should expect more consequences in the future…

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